Empty Indexes?

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Hi there,
I'm running a Graylog server. I accidentally deleted the contents of my index folders.

/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/TkNxWZ2BQmGznq5Xv77CxQ/3/index# ls
Returns nothing. The same goes for my 0, 1, and 2/index.

I'm not worried about the lost data, but Graylog won't function without Elasticsearch. How can I restore the contents of the folders to a working state?


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DELETE the missing index from the API.
That should fix it I guess.

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Sorry. Do you mean I should remove the /var/lib/elastichsearch/nodes/0/indices/TkNxWZ2BQmGznq5Xv77CxQ directory?


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No I meant running

DELETE indexname

From Kibana or from curl

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Thanks for the reply.
Before I try that I've got to ask, will Elasticsearch create a new index automatically?


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Only if you send new data to it.

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Gotcha. Thanks David

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Hi David,
I was hoping maybe you'd be able to assist me here. I did some reading on the API so I'm now able to pass:

curl -X DELETE 'http://localhost:9200/indices/TkNxWZ2BQmGznq5Xv77CxQ/0?pretty'

but the response I get is:

  "found" : false,
  "_index" : "indices",
  "_type" : "TkNxWZ2BQmGznq5Xv77CxQ",
  "_id" : "0",
  "_version" : 1,
  "result" : "not_found",
  "_shards" : {
    "total" : 2,
    "successful" : 1,
    "failed" : 0

I've got three indexes that I want to erase before I restart my server, but I can't seem to get the "result" : "deleted" message.

Thanks again

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This is not a valid index name.
You are calling here the Delete Document API.

What are the index names you want to remove?

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I believe these are the indexes and their IDs...I'm not too familiar so maybe I'm mistaken. Is there an API to delete a whole index or must I recursively delete each document within an index?

Thanks for your continued help

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I meant the index name not the directory names on disk. You should never look at this.

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Oh I see.
This is the only "Indices" I can find on my server.

Is the name for the index = the prefix?


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GET /_cat/indices?v

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curl -X GET 'http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v'
health status index     uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
red    open   graylog_0 TkNxWZ2BQmGznq5Xv77CxQ   4   0                                                  
green  open   graylog_1 rXPAWDDOTZCFutcZ6zGwew   4   0    1211736            0    405.4mb        405.4mb
green  open   syslog__0 SfiLdN55RMqH6LjLzn_StA   4   0          0            0       648b           648b
yellow open   indices   llXr2lFeS72xcrr2yyzgRg   5   1          0            0       839b           839b

David, here's the output.
Can I use the delete command on the "graylog_0" index to have it regenerated?

Thanks again.

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So if you want to remove index graylog_0, run:

DELETE /graylog_0

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  "acknowledged" : true

Looks good!
I used PUT /graylog_0 to recreate it.
I restarted my services and now it's working fine!

Thanks for your patience David. Elasticsearch is a very cool platform.

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