Iframe performance on iPad

Hi All,

We have developed an app that uses Kibana dashboards in an iframe. This all works well on Android (phone, tablet), iOS on Macbook, Chrome on Windows, etc. However it is not workable on the iPad.

The dashboard consists of a data table with about 14 columns. When opening this dashboard straight in Kibana -on the iPad-, everything is just fine.
However, when opening as an embedded iframe (also tested via some test websites), the data table's columns are made very wide, don't fit the screen, but very, very slowly, the columns are made more narrow until the table fits. This process takes up to 10 minutes!

Again: this problem only occurs on iPad when using embedded iframes. Works fine otherwise.

Anyone has any idea?


Can you give me some more details:

  • version of Kibana
  • what type of iframe you're using (saved vis iframe or the snapshot visualization)
  • iPad model
  • Safari or Chrome on iPad?

I did a test with an iPad 3, on Kibana 5.3.0, with a data table with 9 columns and it seemed to load just fine for me.

Hi Marius,

  • Kibana 5.1
  • vis iframe
  • Mini 4 running 10.3.1
  • Chrome (but problem also appears in Safari.

Was able to mostly solve the problem by changing the link provided by



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