Ipad not loading dashboard

(Xiaodong Zhou) #1

I have a kibana server worked great, fast response in a couple of seconds. When I tried to load use Ipad today, it stays at loading page forever (more than 10 minutes), at the same time, desktop browser still works fast with the kibana server.

I have Kibana 4.5.1 with ES 2.3.2.
Ipad air 2 with iOS 8.1.1

Any clues and recommendations?

(Spencer Alger) #2

If there aren't any errors on screen I would recommend checking out the console output remotely with Safari:

  1. Plug the iPad into a mac
  2. Open up Safari, make sure the develop menu is enabled
  3. Open Kibana on your iPad and then choose it from the develop menu like I did below (though I had "github.com" open

(Xiaodong Zhou) #3

Thanks, @spalger, I follow what you mentioned, and did see an error in console

SyntaxError: Attempted to redefine property 'animateSpeed'.
(anonymous function) - kibana.bundle.js:166235

Although iphone (latest iOS) worked fine. Maybe I have an older version of iOS (8.1.1) on this ipad? I will try another one later.

(system) #4