7.0.1 Is there a need to enable java/security setting in browser? kibana dashboard will not load

(Walker Rowe) #1

I've tried this with Chrome, Curl, and Safar.

http://ec2-35-180-186-122.eu-west-3.compute.amazonaws.com rewrites to /app/kibana and then just freezes

but curl -XGET returns HTML.

It's supposed to take a while and download items and display the Kibana dashboard. So is there a security setting on mac stopping this from load?

Here is part of the log: https://pastebin.com/v7UL4d81

(Tyler Smalley) #2

That page loaded for me in Chrome. Do you have any security settings set in Chrome? Is a Chrome Extension causing it? I would try opening in an incognito window.

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(Walker Rowe) #3

Wow. You solved it. Incognito mode worked as well as Safari.

I have ad blocker, but had it turned off. I guess I will go through the rest of these extensions and see which is blocking it:

(Walker Rowe) #5

Figured out this was firewall issue. Apparently in Europe it is common to close ports in the outbound issue because of the gdpr privacy laws.