Kibana not loading....on domain

I have my website running on port 8080, and on a separate server there is kibana dashboard which is on port 5601.

The server where i have my website has httpd configured in such a way that it has two virtual host for 443.

If traffic is for then traffic gets redirect to same server privateIP:8080 and if traffic is for traffic gets redirect to kibana's serveer privateIP:5601

SSL is configured on both virtualhost 443 listeners.

website url is working fine but when kibana url is hit it gives a complete blank white page.

When kibana is accessed directly via private ip it shows up, but if URL is used even though httpd redirects traffic correctly dashboard is not loading up. Under inspect element we are getting following error.

Please help

It seems your virtual host is not redirecting traffic to kibana right? The frontpage loads and then it requires a number of assets (Javascript files, CSS styles, etc) but your server is returning an HTML document, probably some sort of error.

Have you checked that response in HTML format?

I am getting 200 response for everything but for all css files in response tab i m getting
"Failed to load response data:No data found for resource with given identifier"

Can you please share your complete kibana and elasticsearch logs for better understanding.

I added these lines
server.customResponseHeaders: {
"x-content-type-options": "none"
in my kibana.yml file my css issues were sorted but now i m fetting this bootstrap.js issue any solution to this? kibana is running behind apache server..

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