Accessing Kibana website on MacOS won't load large javascript

I have a very capable developer complaining he can't load the Kibana website. I run Windows 10 with Chrome, and all is well, so I know the site works. He's using MacOS with Safari. He's also tried with Chrome.

He can connect to my site and get the base page, but as it tries to load the (very large) javascript file, it takes too long and he gets a timeout message. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

Can you provide a HAR file to take a look at the request?

Are you hitting Kibana directly, or is it going through a load balancer or proxy?

Thanks Tyler. I haven't heard of a HAR file yet. Can you elaborate?

We have extensive network security, but no load balancer or proxy for this, just machine direct. I'm honing in on this being a specific user issue, since I've been able to prove it's working on another MacOS device.

Here is how to capture a HAR in various browsers:

Are they able to load Kibana on a different browser? Can they disable all extensions, what about incognito mode?

It appears the problem was just shear size of the Javascript being downloaded over our corporate wifi. Once hard-wired, the person was able to pull the entire file down and can now run Kibana on his laptop. Well, until the next update.

Thanks for your help.

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