Iframed url expired after some time

Hi team,
I have my kibana dashboard iframed short url in which some words I can't understand what is their meaning and can I used in python application?
I am attached this short url please let explain what meaning of this.

Url - ""

I want to know what is meaning of "/r/s" . please anyone provide details on this,
And also how can I set dynamic url which is not expire . Provide suggestions on both topics.

The /r/s path is the route for the Short URL service in Kibana. This URL is automatically generated when you select the "Short URL" in the "Share -> Embed Code" settings.

I don't believe Short URLs expire. What version of Kibana are you running? What happens to the iFrame when the URL expires (screenshot might be helpful)?

I Am attach error screenshot, won't understand what is this error. Can you please elaborate this . I am use Kibana version 8.8

Hi @Rushi_Bagul. Thanks for the update. We'll need more information to narrow this down.

  • Can you also share server logs from Kibana?
  • Please also share your configuration in the kibana.yaml file. But don't share usernames, passwords, etc.
  • Do you use any reverse proxies in front of Kibana?

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