Ignore_missing flag in snapshot listing?

When I want to list the snapshots that are within a certain repository, I
issue the following command:
curl -XGET http://localhost:9200/_snapshots/<repository_name>/_all

as I understand, this is the only way of doing it.

However, chances are that while I'm issuing that command, some other
process may delete a snapshot. I' ve found that it may provoke an error
response from the list command, given the right conditions. I've figured
that when the _all api call is made, elastic search finds out about every
snapshot it has in the repository, and then fetch info from every one of
them (by doing something similar to what
curl -XGET http:

does), and the returns a listing with the collected info.

If a snapshot is deleted by some other process AFTER elasticsearch has got
all the snapshot names, and BEFORE elasticsearch starts collecting info of
every one of them, an error related to elasticsearch not being able to find
that particular snapshot is thrown.

My question is

  • Is it possible to use a flag like "ignore_missing_snapshots" or
    something like that when making the curl -XGET http:
    //localhost:9200/_snapshots/<repository_name>/_all call?

  • Can I "list by prefix", telling elastic search I want to list only the
    snapshots that starts by certain prefix? something like -XGET http://localhost:9200/_snapshots/<repository_name>/_all?prefix=
    that way I could make sure the listing process doesn't interfere with the
    possible deletion process

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