Ignoring certain HTTP verbs from APM

Is there any way to not trace the certain HTTP verbs,for example OPTIONS request before each CORS request?

Hi @David_Mkheyan,

Thanks for reaching out.
Would you please provide the agent name and version?


Hello @Hamidreza . I am using .NET Agent for ASP.NET Core application. The version I am using is 6.5,and the library version is 1.2

Thanks @David_Mkheyan,

@GregKalapos, Is it possible to ignore OPTIONS request in .NET agent? (please see previous comments for more detail)

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Sorry, I totally overlooked this one.

So, unfortunately no, it's not possible. Here is a discussion about something similar: https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-dotnet/issues/418. At the moment nothing is implemented from that.