ILM doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I send data every day on one index, and I would like to delete all the data older than 15 minutes. I have set up the following ILM:

I notice that after 15 minutes nothing happens, then after about 25-30 minutes all past data is deleted except the last 5 minutes :

Why is the system not able to keep the last 15 minutes at all times with this configuration?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @vp096 , pinging @Yulia_Cech from stack management team to help.

Hi @vp096

Is your use case really about deleting data 15 mins old, or are you just testing?

The reason I ask is ILM is not really design to operate on "Minute" Scheduled or Small KB/MB indices is designed to manage large scale indices GB, Hours, Days etc. and for that it works very well.

I posted a bit about it here and another elastician here


Thank you for your response. Yes, it was for testing before putting it in production. But I understand well and I will perform these tests with much larger intervals and more data.

Thanks for your help.

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