ILM - How to configure it


Our hot storage is almost full. In our deployment in Elastic Cloud, several Index Lifecycle Policies have been created. One of them is perfect for us:

"30-days-default" with this settings:

But now we don't exactly how to apply it. As we saw in the documentation, we need to create a new index template. These are some of the templates that our deployment had created:

And if we get the output for the "GET _cat/indices" command, these are some of the outputs we get:


So, What would be the next step? Create a new index template to apply to logs and metrics?

In the "Index Settings" add the ILM policy:

And would it already be configured?

If this were correct, would there be a way to apply it to the data that we have from the beginning in hot storage so that it is moved to warm?
Would anything need to be done so that the new data already uses this policy?


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