ILM not running on Elastic Cloud


I've migrated a cluster to a new cluster based on the hot/warm template on the Elastic Cloud an restored all indices from the old cluster to the new cluster.
Now I've noticed, that ILM is not running on any of the indices.
I've stopped ILM and started it again, no change.
I've removed the policy and added it again on the same index, nothing happens, no action is done.
All indices show no Errors on the ILM/explain function.
I've created a new index with beats, but also nothing happens on that index.

I have no more ideas, what the problem could be, any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Can you post the output of GET */_ilm/explain please, as well as one of the policies in use?

What are you expecting to see ILM do that it hasn't done?

Hi Gordon,

I've found my problem.

There was one lifecycle policy definition missing for auditbeat-7.2.0 indices, I've restored from the old cluster. I've created the policy this morning, and immedialtely everything works as expected.

But as a programmer, I like to ask the question, why one missing policy stops all processing. I would expect, that only the indices, which use the missing policy, are skipped from processing, but not the whole processing at all stops. There should be an error handling that deals with "simple" errors like this, shouldn't it?

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