ILM Policy is not working

I have an Index Lifecycle Management Policy using a Hot Phase with recommended defaults. So Roll over when an index is 30 days old or any primary shard reaches 50 gigabytes.

I assume this means that the index is converted from 000001 to 000002 whenever it hits 50 gb.

I then have an index template with the ILM policy tied to it.

I then have an Index which isn't rolling over at 50gb+

Here is the Index summary:

Why is it not making a new filebeat-7.13.2-000002 index and writing to that automatically?

The rollover is based on the primary shard size, and you're seeing the combined size of both primary and replica.

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Ahh, okay. Did I miss this in the documentation or in the Kibana UI somewhere?

Yeah it's not super clear. I raised Add tooltip to ILM Storage Size information · Issue #118976 · elastic/kibana · GitHub to address that.

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Thank you Mark.
Have a nice weekend.

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