ILM policy to transform index

Is it possible to use ILM policy to the transform index result?
I tried to the transform index and added alias into it, but the ILM not works as expected for transform indices.
Is there any workaround to do this?


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please have a look into limitations.

ILM on the destination index may cause unexpected problems, because transform updates/overwrites documents. For example a rollover can lead to duplicates, see this issue.

As pointed out in limitations, consider using date index name processor to get ILM-like behavior if your transform contains a date_histogram.

Having that said, nobody prevents you from using ILM on the destination index, it just has the mentioned side-effects. You may be able to work-around them in your application (e.g. collapsing dups).

Transform can write to aliases including a write alias. This seems like a bug or a misconfiguration of ILM. If you share more information (repro steps) we might be able to help.

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