Transforms, Index Template and ILM

Hi, I'm starting to use transforms and I notice that I don't have the possibility to use ILM on the transform indexes. I create the Index Template using the pattern created by transform and associate an ILM policy to that Index Template. After 1 day, for my case, the ILM policy would do its job, but I have an error:

illegal_argument_exception: index.lifecycle.rollover_alias [percentil-90] does not point to index [percentil-90-daily]

I understand that the transform is not aware of ILM and because of that the rollover_alias is not updated. Is this correct? I would had to do this outside of elastic?


Can you explain in more detail what you did, best the commands you used, the transform configuration, etc?
Where did you get the error and can you post the context around it?

"transform is not aware of ILM": Transform is no different to any other indexing process, it sends bulk index requests to the destination you specify. You configure transform to write to an alias and let that alias be handled by ILM.

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