I'm having trouble uploading my json data

I'm using centos8 and I have this file:
inside him:


meu erro : {
"took" : 1,
"errors" : true,
"items" : [
"index" : {
"_index" : "accounts",
"_type" : "type1",
"_id" : "8",
"status" : 400,
"error" : {
"type" : "mapper_parsing_exception",
"reason" : "failed to parse, document is empty"

In the future please format your code using the </> button

The only valid value for _type is _doc


Or leave it out...

Types were removed in Version 7.

I would also review this if that is how you are trying to upload your data

Ways To Fix ‘Updating Failed. The Response is Not a Valid JSON Response’ Error

Check the URL Settings of the WordPress Site
Fix the WordPress Permalink Structure
Regenerate WordPress .htaccess File
Check the Themes and Plugins
Use Classic Editor
Check the Site Health
Disable the Security Firewall
Use Debugging in WordPress
Upload Media Files Through the Media Library
Look for Expert Help

Rachel Gomez

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