Implement elastic agent to collect postgresql log

Hello all,
I recently install elastic agent in postgresql server,
I follow steps that in integration scope "add postgresql" in kibana user interface, download the yaml file and copy to postgresql server agent home dir and start service.
I can track logs in kibana, streaming workin wel but cannot parsing,
Is there any conf to add postgresql log line prefix to add patter to Elasticsearch.
in yaml file got this lines, is it relative ? Can you give me advice what to do?

          - /pg12/mounts/pg_log/log/cbspg12db01-*.log
          - /pg12/mounts/pg_log/log/cbspg12db01-*.csv
          - .gz$
          pattern: '^\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2} '
          negate: true
          match: after

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