Implement User interface buttons for Logstash

Hi all,

I am currently pushing data to indices in my elasticsearch 8.4 using logstash in my terminal.

However , One of my friends does not know logstash and wants to work with logstash in User interface and push data into ES etc using some buttons in interface.

Is there any way where we can achieve this ? any new option in kibana interface we can upload data using simple buttons?

Hi Sandy,
There isn't a ui that I'm aware of for logstash, but here are a few options that might help, with the best options first:

  1. Your friend could upload files directly in kibana using the Upload File integration. It supports csv, json, and logfiles up to 100MB in size.
  2. Using an ingest pipeline. You'd still setup logstash to send the data, but most of the manipulation would happen in the ingest pipeline. Your friend could then modify the pipeline using the web interface in kibana.
  3. If you have a Plati­num or higher subscription you could use Centralized Logstash pipeline management. This doesn't get you buttons for logstash per se, because you still have to know logstash to change the configurations, but they are much easier to manage.

Good luck!

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