Is there a graphical interface for Logstash?

Hi Logstash Experts,

I am using Logstash 1.5.1 for my project. I am new to Logstash, but I know that Kibana is preferred to be used as a graphical interface for users/developers to create nice graphs based on logs (data) sent to Elasticsearch via Logstash. However, from a user point of view, I was wondering if there's any GUI for Logstash (similar to the UI of SAP Lumira, iHub, etc.) where Logstash conf files are configured under the hood and a user could simply load any static data by choosing files from local hard drive and/or any real-time logs/data by connecting to a server (once configured, of course). I don't want my user to write a conf file himself/herself to collect and process logs/data via logstash, since he/she may not be a tech person. Ideally, my user should not write any code and should be able to process any data by just clicking his/her mouse with the help of Logstash's graphical interface (if any). Kibana also does not have such intuitive functionality since it only visualizes what's stored in Elasticsearch and does not process the data by itself like Logstash. I hope my question is not too vague to answer!


No there is not.

It's something we are hoping to build, but that's probably going to be a while away.