Import API path 404 error

Hello. We're attempting to begin using the Kibana export/import API to develop some automation around backing up our Kibana dashboards. While I'm able to reach the export API the import API path is returning the 404 error below.
{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}

I'm read through the docs on the export/import API and have searched all over for a similar problem but haven't found any other reports of this issue occurring. I also realize per the docs that this API feature is experimental.

Any tips on troubleshooting the issue or doing some further debugging to discover what the problem may be?

We have the EFK stack deployed into 10+ Kubernetes clusters and I've verified this is occurring in all of them. I've also attempted several versions of Kibana, including 6.4 where I believe this API was introduced, as well as the OSS version and experience the issue across all which seems odd to me and makes me think its possibly something environmental specific to us.


Do you mind posting an example of the request you're making, including the URL, the method, and the content, as well as any headers?

I was actually able to get this resolved. We're deploying Kibana using the helm chart and I found that although the export API looks like its enabled by default, for some reason the import API is not enabled by default.

Found on the Kibana helm chart git repo, there's a parameter to pass into the values.yaml. Once I added dashboardImport.enabled: true and updated our Kibana deployment, I was able to then hit the import API endpoint.

I'm not sure if that's by design for some reason or just a byproduct of the API being experimental but I thought i'd still post this for anybody else who comes across this issue.

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