Import dashboard with new ID using API?


I want to automatically add dashboards to a space. My dashboard are all the same except for a filter and the title.

I was thinking about using the import API and have a script change the filter and title values but I assume that importing a dashboard with an id that is the same as an existing dashboard will cause problems.

Is there any way to import a dashboard as a new dashboard?


How many dashboards are we speaking about? Maybe there is a better way for this?

We solved a similar usecase by adding a markdown visualization with links:
Dashboards can be given the filter in the URL so we configured the filter in the dashboard and copied the resulting URL and added it to the markdown visualization and added a description as title.
In the dashboard, we added the markdown Viz on the top.

Now the user can use the links changing the filter without leaving the dashboard. For us, this means managing 1 dashboard instead of 5 for this single usecase.

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I will have 150 ~ 200 dashboards. Technically the Controls visualization would work but due to user requirements I need separate dashboards. I also want to avoid having to manually add or edit anything in Kibana.

In this case, your way of exporting the dashboard and changing the filter and title should work as long as you change the ID. maybe you should set the ID to the name of the dashboard so the IDs do not collide within Kibana.

Ah the id can anything you want? I will give that a try. Would be great if that works.

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