Import Kibana as JavaScript library?

How to import Kibana as JavaScript (TypeScript) library to Angular 6 to build your own customised data visualisation web portal?

Looks like Elastic Search could be imported to Angular as a JavaScript (TypeScript) library for further development?

Embedded Kibana as an iFrame is a solution, but is not versatile as we expect.

Any other good open source data visualisation JavaScript libraries as awesome visual representation dashboard as Kibana and AWS Grafana, could be imported to Angular as JavaScript (TypeScript) library?

Hey @coderdot, as you've already mentioned an iFrame is the only supported solution at this point in time, but it does have its deficiencies. There's an enhancement issue in our github repo here, if you could give it a thumbs up or elaborate upon your specific use-case, it'll help us prioritize this feature appropriately.

Thanks to Brandon for your kind response.

Impressed by the visualisation effects provided by AWS Grafana and Kibana, I suspect perhaps some people in your organisation or external already have packaged Kibana as a JavaScript library to be imported by Angular or React?

@coderdot, I'm not aware of any libraries that do this; perhaps others will know of something.

Could some one shed some light on this packaging Kibana as JavaScript library feasibility?

Or any clues or suggestions for JavaScript or TypeScript library for implementation of time series data visualisation web portal?

Still no clues? No clue yet.

Great thanks for your suggestions in advance.

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