Integrating whole kibana with Angular UI (without iframes)

Hi, I'm working on a web app that collects data from various sources and stores it into elastic search. Then I want to create different dashboards out of it. I'm thinking of flask in my back end and Angular in the front end. I want to know if there's a way to integrate kibana with angular so that I can create, edit and modify visualizations dynamically. Basically i want the webapp to open Kibana UI and provide same functions. I'm a beginner developer so I apologise if I got it wrong somewhere and any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hey @suryansh291195, it's not currently possible to integrate Kibana into an AngularJS application using the approach which you've outlined. Kibana is it's own web-application with a complex backend written in Node.js. It is however possible for you to write a plugin for Kibana itself to supplement the out of the box functionality:

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Thanks Brandon!!

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