Integration of kibana widgets in angular app

Hi Elastic Team,

I have a working angular app, a nodejs backend and a privately hosted ELK instance.

Currently, everything is going good with kibana dashboard. But, now I want to display widgets generated by the kibana on my angular app without using iframe. Our ELK instance is isolated and away from the internet access. So, the only way to talk to elk instance is by using nodejs backend.

Hence, I want to display the kibana widgets (generated on our kibana dashboard) querying them through my personal nodejs server.

Sorry, AFAIK there's no way to archive this without using a iframe. given the node backend has access, you could use it to make screenshots and embed them into you Angular FE. But I don't think this is your intention. If we would allow script only embedding, this would also need access to your ELK since it needs access to Elasticsearch for querying data.

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thanks @matw !

Although it's kind of heartbreaking :pensive: but I will hope elastic will add this feature soon :slight_smile:

So you would use scripted visualization you could embed, right? You would just need to be aware that this means it wouldn't work without access to the kibana middleware. there is no 100% secure way to do this, except you would use static exports.

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