Import ndjson in kibana helm deployment


I have exported some dashboards (ndjson files) and I would like to have these exports imported in a new kibana-helm deployment. Is this possible? If yes, how can I do something like this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Voula_Mikr,
Kibana dashboards import is not supported by design by Elastic Kibana Helm chart.

The best way (not tested) to do that would be to use a lifecycle postStart hook with a script waiting that kibana is up and calling dashboard import API. postStart hooks can be defined in chart values.yaml.

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Thank you for the prompt answer!
With dashboard import API I guess that in the script I should do a POST request (that has as body the json that i get with a get request ) to a url.
Is there a posible way to import ndjson files during the helm deployment and not doing POST request?

No that's not possible.

Ok thank you Julien :slight_smile:


I managed to make it work by making a post-install hook ( ) that creates a pod (I used alpine-curl) that runs a script which check the status of kibana to be "overall":{"state":"green" (in order kibana container to be Ready - not just the pod to be "Running") and then import the dashboards with curl POST .

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