Import third party module

how can we make third-party directive, service inject into every app, including kibana, timeline, and any other app plugin. do not tell me I have to import this module in every app

hi @whoami,

what's wrong with importing a module into another module? :confused:

You have a couple of options for modules:

  1. You can create generic ES6 modules, and then import them straight into any other module using the ES6-import syntax.

  2. You can also create an angular-directive/services/..., and import it using as a function parameter, like you would in angular. E.g.:

no. if I use a new third-party directive in the global_nav.js, its ok only in kibana app, but will be error in other app. i have to import this directive in every app, but the global_nav.js is a common part for every app, why I have to import again in each app

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