Import visualization even with missing fields (BIS)?

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I have tried to post this question on a previous entry Import visualization even with missing fields? but it has not been possible.

We are dealing with the same situation as the one described above, that is, we importe some Kibana visualization dashboards that display errors simply because de fields they rely on have not been generated yet by the applications whose data we are trying to visualize with Kibana.

I think that the propossed solution could be titled something like "Stimulate the APIs for all the features before the dashboards can work" and I was wondering if this solution is still the best one or there is a better alternative to deal with this issue.

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I don't think there is a current solution to this other than having your mapping already created for your index that the visualizations are targeting. If you still have the ES instance where those visualizations were created, you can export the index template from there and import them in the new one, then the fields won't be missing from the index pattern even though you have no data yet containing that field.

OK, thank you.

We will go with that.


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Just to clarify, when you talk about "[...] export the index template where those visualizations were created [...]" are you making reference to something like:
"./metricbeat export template > metricbeat.template.json" to export and them, a similar process to import it?

I have been googling and looking for documentation regarding how to export an index template but, am not sure if what I have found [link] is that right documentation or not.


If you are using metricbeat as the source of your data you do not need to do anything other than just starting Metricbeat connected to your new ES instance. It automatically creates it's own mapping.

If you are using something else, you can interact with index templates in the way described here:

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