Import winlogbeat dashboards to kibana


I am new to ELK. My ELK stack is running on a debian 8. Elasticsearch, kibana, and logstash are in version 5.2.2
Whenever I try to import winlogbeat dashboards from a windows server where I run the service to the distant ELK, using .\scripts\import_dashboards.exe -es http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9200, I've got an error saying something like "can't load json, rejected by remote computer"

As my elasticsearch is configured with : localhost, i was thinking it might be the cause of the problem.
So is there any other way to load the predefined dashboard in my kibana directly on the ELK server ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

You can just grab the dashboards from and then import the json documents manually, or just run a script in a for loop to load each one.

I did try that already, using the import button on the saved objects tab, but nothing happened.
Was it the good way to do it ?

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