Importing dashboards via CLI 5.1.1

What I want to do is import the .json dashboards that Kibana generates with:

Management -> Saved Objects -> Export

And then import them via command line or something that can be automated and doesn't require me to use the web interface. Is this possible to do ?

Hi @Mormaii,

While I don't know of a CLI tool that would let you easily import saved objects into Kibana, you could write a small program to do it yourself, if you are up to it. The things you would need to be aware of are:

  • These saved objects are stored in a special index in Elasticsearch (default: .kibana).
  • The exported JSON is an array of objects. Each object represents a saved object in Kibana. Each object is a document in the special Elasticsearch index I mentioned above.

So essentially you could write a program to loop over the array in the exported JSON and index each of those documents into the special index under the appropriate _type and with the right _id. If you have a lot of saved objects, you might consider using Elasticsearch's bulk API.

One big caveat: The structure of the special Elasticsearch index used by Kibana for storing saved objects could change at any time. If this happens your program would need to be updated.

Hi @shaunak
It would be great if this kind of tool came with Kibana.
Why it doesn't ?
Hélene Joanin.

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