Import dashboards etc via command line

So we're looking into deploying the elastic stack on multiple, indipendant servers that are built using puppet.
While I've got the Elastic stack installing, beats being installed and data going into elastic etc, I am yet to find a way to import the saved searches, visualisations and dashboards via command line.
Can this be done?
It's going to be a real pain otherwise.

@Alistair_Hardy if you wanted an exact replica of Kibana multiple times, you could use the Snapshot/Restore feature of Elasticsearch itself on the .kibana index.

We also have an existing Enhancement Request to expose the underlying mechanism that we use for Import/Export via the Kibana UI as an API here:

The enhancement request doesn't fill me with hope that it's been requested in August 2015 however I will look into your idea to restore the kibana index into elasticsearch itself.

It's really a pity to have no default mechanisms to import/export dashboards/visualization/objects. That makes backup and sharing a lot more complicate than it should be.
Especially when you look at *beats and the import_dashboards binary does exactly that.

There are plenty of thread on this subject

Hopefully will make it soon.

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@juju completely agree, thank you for sharing those additional mentions of people wanting to do the same thing. This is definitely something that we want to add in the near future.

seems possible here

not the most intuitive but a good workaround

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