How to backup/restore searches and dashboards


a cup of coffee and a doughnut if you explain how to "backup/restore" searches and dashboard selectively or all at once.


hi @markd,

you can use the "Save" button to a dashboard (Dashboard-app) or a saved search (Discover-app) .

To restore, use the import-button on the "Management> Saved Objects" page.

I deleted a search..... So I would like to know how to dump search/dashboard out of ES index into a file and how restore it from a file - so I can protect myself against the yours truly :slight_smile:


Perhaps take snapshot of the .kibana index? You can use Curator to schedule the snapshot.

this did the trick for me:

/usr/share/metricbeat/scripts]:> ./import_dashboards

the search i deleted returned!!!! Still, thanks for the link to "snapshots", I have to read it and put in place, currently I have nothing in place to backup Kibana/ES

Have a good weekend everybody

This imports the default dashboards for beats, it won't restore new visualizations and dashboards that you create.

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