Kibana 6.2.1 - Command line to do export and import Visualizations, and Dashboards


Hi all

I'd like to know the command line in order to do export of Visualizations, and Dashboards and the import to a new Kibana in a new enviroment.

I think that if it's possible to UI there is a method to do with the command line (I hope)

Thank you

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Hi Franco,

Am afraid , code is always the best docs, second best is the PR at the moment: I could find this one :

This PR creates an import / export API for dashboards. The current implementation under Mangement > Saved Objects allows you to only export everything or individual dashboards (with out the support...
If you only want dashboards, this api will export all of a dashboards dependencies. The saved object api is your best bet for granular requests, index patterns and so on.

Hope this helps,


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