Importing ".kibana" from 4.0 in 4.3.1

Hi there :slightly_smiling:,
using Knapsack I'm trying to import a Kibana 4.0 index. After importing and starting Kibana 4.3.1 I get the following error Message while opening Kibana in the browser:

"[document_already_exists_exception] [config][4.3.1]: document already exists, with: {"shard":"0","index":".kibana"}"

Stopping Kibana and "curl -XDELETE localhost:9200/.kibana/config/4.3.1" does not help, Kibana still shows the error above.

Any ideas how I get this working? Is there an upgrade path to follow? Elasticsearch version is 2.1.1

Thanks and Cheers,

I recently saw this. Went through this and waited for my refresh interval to pass (was set at 120s for me) and the issue went away. (after the DELETE). Not sure if I have the correlation right, just sharing incase.

Hope this helps.