Index .kibana_1 already exists during startup(7.7.0)

Hi when I first start the Kibana on a clean environment, sometimes it will fail with error "Index .kibana_1 already exists ". I checked the log and code, then noticed the the .kibana_1 was created but took too long time to response, so that I think Kibana though it's timeout. Because the .kibana_1 hasn't been aliased to .kibana, so next time it will still retry the index creation but failed. Is that a known issue?

This is a known issue once a saved object migration fails for some. We had been working on fixing this. You can manually delete .kibana_1 index and a new one will be created the next time Kibana starts.

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Thank you Maja. In my case I didn't perform any actual migration yet as it's a new env, but I suppose it should be same issue no matter the migration happened or not, right? BTW, may I know which version the problem had been fixed, 8.0.0 or 7.11.0?

Neither 8.0.0 nor 7.11 versions are out yet :slightly_smiling_face: Going with the latest version - currently 7.10 - is always your safest bet.

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