Kibana index change name | SOLVED


Have the following problem:

New instance of kibana 6.3.1, have changed inside de kibana.yml the kibana.index: ".kibana" to ".kibana631" but it will not created in elasticsearch.

Have someone a solution?

Thank you

Hey @mebots, have you restarted Kibana after changing that value in the kibana.yml? Also, have you checked your Kibana logs to see if there's an error being logged?

Thank you @Brandon_Kobel,

Yes we restart the Kibana instance, but nothing.

The solution we found was the following:

  1. Login to the new Kibana instance
  2. Create index pattern of an index
  3. Then the .kibana631 was created

So it's strange, why we startup the new instance the index is not created, but this is a work around.


Hey @mebots, we don't create the Kibana index as soon as Kibana starts up, instead we create it as soon as we need to save something to the Kibana index, which would explain why you're not seeing it created immediately.

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