Default index (.kibana) not created

(ajit) #1

we have installed 6.2.4 elasticsearch and kibana. But .kibana index not present in elasticsearch.
Why it is not created. I have started both the applications but index not found. please provide solution on this.

(ajit) #2

Hi @dadoonet,
No one is giving proper reply. Please provide me solution for .kibana index. I have installed 6.2.4 version of elasticsearch and kibana. But .kibana default index not found. Please provide solution.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #3

This forum is manned by volunteers, so please be patient. If you have not received any response after 2-3 days (excluding weekends), feel free to ping the issue again. Also do not ping people not already involved in the thread.

If you want help, please also outline what steps you have taken and what errors you are seeing. Include anything relevant from the logs as well as configuration.

(ajit) #4

I have installed both elasticsearch and kibana version mentioned above. I need .kibana index for work with readonlyrest. .kibana index should be created automatically as default index. But not getting that index after installation and starting both application.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #5

Does it get created if you, at least initially, remove the readonlyrest plugin? I have no experience using this plugin so will not be able to help you troubleshoot that.

(ajit) #6

Yes, I have removed readonlyrest plugin. And installed new setup of both.

(David Pilato) #7

Please as @Christian_Dahlqvist said don't ping people like this and don't duplicate posts!

(ajit) #8

sure I will not make this mistake next time.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #9

Generally I would recommend putting a bit more effort into describing the issue in your initial post before expecting anyone to dive in to help. The fact that you are running this plugin is in my opinion a crucial piece of information.

If you do not want to put the effort into describing your issue properly, why should I put the effort into helping out?

(ajit) #10

My request is simple , I have installed elasticsearch 6.2.4 and kibana 6.2.4 .
.kibana index should be created automatically after running ES and kibana.
But I do not have .kibana index. There is nothing else for description. Please help on this.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #11

You still have not provided any details on exactly how you have deployed it, which OS you are using nor your configuration or the contents of any logs. Without any of this information there is little I can do to help. Is Kibana even able to connect to Elasticsearch?

(ajit) #12

OS: linux
We have deployed using putty command line terminal.
In elasticsearch.yml I have below configuration.

bootstrap.system_call_filter: false my-application localhost
action.auto_create_index: true

In kibana.yml I have below configuration.
elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:9200"
elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode: "none"
elasticsearch.username: kibana
elasticsearch.password: kibana

And I am checking .kibana index available or not using dev tool and curl query.
GET /_cat/indices?v
curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices

(Christian Dahlqvist) #13

Does this mean you still have the readonlyrest plugin installed? If so, can you please remove it (and the related configuration in kibana.yml) to see if that helps?

.kibana index is not created bydefault
(ajit) #14

Yes, I have removed this
elasticsearch.username: kibana
elasticsearch.password: kibana

and restarted both ES and kibana. But .kibana index not created.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #15

Check in the Kibana logs that it can actually connect to Elasticsearch.

(ajit) #16

Yes kibana is connected to elasticsearch. Both are running on same server. If kibana has no elasticsearch then kibana will not work. But it is working fine.

(David Pilato) #17

What gives:

GET /_cat/plugins?v
GET /_cat/indices?v

(Christian Dahlqvist) #18

If Kibana is working fine it typically has been able to create the .kibana index.

(ajit) #19

GET /_cat/plugins?v this giving : name component version
GET /_cat/indices?v this giving : health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size

I have used these both commands but not getting any default index i.e. .kibana

(David Pilato) #20

Can you share your full elasticsearch logs please? Formatted with </> to make that readable. Check the preview window and modify until its correctly formatted.