Imports cannot resolved to a type

Hi All

I have cloned the repo from github and imported into eclipse.
There are imports error for groovy classes only which i need to resolve.
Kindly guide .

P.S. All the necessary files which needs to be imported is already present.

Following are the details :

  1. In this line on TestWithSslPlugin class:
project.getPlugins().withType(StandaloneRestTestPlugin.class).configureEach(restTestPlugin -> {

Error : Multiple markers at this line
- The method withType(Class<S>) in the type PluginCollection<Plugin> is not applicable for the arguments
- StandaloneRestTestPlugin cannot be resolved to a type

  1. In this line on RestTestFromSnippetsTaskTestsclass
import static org.elasticsearch.gradle.doc.RestTestsFromSnippetsTask.replaceBlockQuote;

Error: The import org.elasticsearch.gradle.doc.RestTestsFromSnippetsTask cannot be resolved

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