Improve Snapshot/Backup capabilities for Air Gapped deployments via direct downloads or allowing individuals to push snapshots to repositories such as GitLab, Nexus or Artifactory

The below image shows the docs with the current snapshot repository options.

For an environment that is air gapped, there are not many options available as far as registries to backup the elastic data.

I propose that allowing direct downloading of the data onto a system that could handle it OR allowing admins to push the download to a url that would accept the input it would be a great addition.

The shared file system repository does not work well for me as this is an ECK stack so there is no guarantee that the data will exist on a node that contains the mounted folder that would be used for backup.

I will grant that deploying MinIO to emulate an S3 bucket is an option, but I would rather not have to support another tool just to do Elastic backups.

I believe that additional options for snapshot repositories would be well appreciated!

Hi @sheldon.mcclung,
That makes sense. I think you'll get a better response by opening up a feature request at the elasticsearch github repo.

Absolutely! I just wanted to make sure this made sense to others before I opened up a feature request. Thanks for reviewing the topic!

Closing the loop, the issue @sheldon.mcclung opened is here:

I don't think it really does make sense and described my reasoning in a reply to the issue. But maybe I'm missing some context?

I also moved this thread from the Kibana forum to the Elasticsearch one, I don't think it has anything to do with Kibana.

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