[IN] Bengaluru Elastic June Meetup

Announcing the Bengaluru June Elasticsearch meetup being hosted at Go-Jek.


Talk 1:
Title: What's new with Elasticsearch?
Speaker: Aravind Putrevu

With 6.8 and 7.1, Elastic has reached a significant milestone and released something that you, our community would enjoy learning and playing with. Here are things that I'm going to discuss.

  1. Configuring Security with Elasticsearch - Elastic made it free.
  2. Running Elasticsearch on Kubernetes
  3. Few other updates on stack

Talk 2:
Title: Learning to Rank plugin with Elasticsearch and its uses at Go-Jek
Speaker: Jewel James, Data Scientist
Company: Go-Jek

This talk summarizes the approaches considered and lessons learnt during the design and successful experimentation of a search system that uses ML to personalize the restaurant results based on the user’s food and taste preferences .

We formulated the estimation of the relevance as a Learning To Rank ML problem which makes the task of performing the ML inference for a very large number of customer-merchant pairs the next hurdle.
The talk will cover our learnings and findings for the following:
a. Creating a Learning Model for Food Recommendations
b. Targetting experiments to a certain percentage of users
c. Training the model from real time data
d. Enriching Restaurant data with custom tags

Please attend if you are around. RSVP here