In Kibana how to split two log files separately

I am having two log files server.log and MDM.log . I inserted that files in Elasticsearch . That two log files reports came in kibana dashboard as graph. But i want to display it separately. (i.e.,) In kibana, one line should be in the center. Left side server.log title should should come along graph . Similarly right side MDM.log title should should come along graph . How to dod it ? Please mention the steps ? I am new to kibana.

Instead of multiple posts to explain a single problem you are facing, you could consolidate your questions into one single post, with details of elastic stack version, logs, screenshots, your questions etc. That would be very helpful instead of multiple posts. You need to learn more about Kibana visualizations in order to achieve what you explained.

This getting started guide, will also help you to get a fair idea about the visualizations you would want to create.


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