In Metricbeat have provided the process monitoring list in system.yml but not getting process stats in the kibana dashboard

Hi I have provided the list of processes to get monitored on my system but I am not getting stats for one of the processes for other listed processes I am getting data but. My system.yml is below

# Module: system
# Docs:

- module: system
  period: 30s
    - cpu
    - load
    - memory
    - network
    - process
    - process_summary
    - socket_summary
    #- entropy
    #- core
    - diskio
    #- socket
    #- service
    #- users
  processes: ['BBEdit', 'TextEdit', 'kvoop', 'xyz']
  # Configure the metric types that are included by these metricsets.
    # Set to false to disable this feature and include all processes
    enabled: false

Hi @sourabh_rawat,
Just read that if metricbeat is running as a less privileged user it might not be able to read info about other user's processes. Could that be the issue?

Hi @Wave,
Thanks for your reply. The metricbeat is running as root and my process is running in the current user context.

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