Inatalling Logstash codes in offline mode


I am trying to install the logstash-codec-nmap, but my server has no internet access.

But when i download to a different server ans then try to install locally:

bin/plugin install /root/logstash-codec-nmap
Validating /root/logstash-codec-nmap
Unable to download data from - certificate verify failed (
ERROR: Installation aborted, verification failed for /root/logstash-codec-nmap


bin/plugin install /root/logstash-codec-nmap-0.0.15.gem
Validating /root/logstash-codec-nmap-0.0.15.gem
Installing logstash-codec-nmap
Error Bundler::Fetcher::CertificateFailureError, retrying 1/10
Could not verify the SSL certificate for
There is a chance you are experiencing a man-in-the-middle attack, but most likely your system doesn't have the CA certificates needed for verification. For information about OpenSSL certificates, see To connect without using SSL, edit your Gemfile sources and change 'https' to 'http'.

Any ideas?


I don't think that is the right command, see