Include_in_all still works or not?

Hi All,

In my use case of Elasticsearch for my project, for free_text_search I want search to be done on not all field and I also not want to send list of field on search is to be done because I have almost 100 fields and free_text_search should work on approx 80 field.

In earlier version of Elasticsearch below 6.0.0, include_in_all can be set to false, which removes that field from default search when no field is mentioned in search.
I tried using include_in_all but it's not working.

Can anybody share the way to properly use include_in_all or any alternative which works same.

My Elasticsearch version-6.3.2

@elastic Can you please answer my query?

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

It's fine to answer on your own thread after 2 or 3 days (not including weekends) if you don't have an answer.

@dadoonet Can I get any possible solutions now? Or is it too early?

You can create custom _all field for your use case. Use copy_to parameter in your mappings for adding those fields to custom _all field. By default, they will not be added in contrast to pre ES 6.0. More details can be found here

thanks for the response.
I have already tried your method but the issue with it is, I have around 80-100 fields and about 50,000 documents. Each field has been custom analyzed. The index size increases more than three times. Is there any other method that can be employed which doesn't increase my index size?

Can you share mappings for your index?

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