Include record count on read or write

I am testing out specifically the .Net APM. In general for all the APM's I do not see the rows affected in a sql query included on the APM UI.

Is there a way to get this information with .Net APM?

Currently, I don't think this information is included. In general it would be nice to see rows affected to see easily spot bad queries and such.

Hi @rainbowkid11 .

What exactly do you mean by "the rows affected" - do you refer to SQL queries that completed with an error?

@Sergey_Kleyman Thanks for the quick response.

What I meant was if you run something like Select UserId from Users Where UserStatus = 'Live' through EF Core, can the APM tell you that 1000 records came back from call?

I see. Unfortunately we don't have support for this use case at the moment - I've opened an issue, which you can track -

@Sergey_Kleyman Thanks for your help!

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