.net Core Span APM


I have installed and configure the APM in my differents services and it works perfectly, but i would like get the span of the database calls. Now I only have the call of the endpoint but how can I get this information? Do I need add something in the sql call to register it into APM?

Thanks for all!

Hi @Kirtash,

What database library do you use? We currently support Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core.

If this is an ASP.NET Core app and you used the app.UseAllElasticApm method from the Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll namespace as described here then database monitoring should be turned on by default for Entity Framework Core.

Thanks Greg!!

I don't use the Entity Framework, I make the queries directly with a connectionString.

i understand that is not possible make these traces with one command against APM.


I see, so you use the SqlComand and similar types, right?

We just had a community PR to add support for that :slight_smile: It's not yet merged, and there are some questions and challenges to solve, but maybe it's worth following that - hopefully we'll have support for your scenario soon. We definitely work on it!

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