Including local jar files

(Isra) #1

I'm trying to build and use a gem that is dependent on jar files. I do not wanna publish the jar files, I need them locally only.

in my .gemspec file, I have the following

  # Jar dependencies
  s.requirements << "jar 'org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch', '1.4.0'"
  s.add_runtime_dependency 'jar-dependencies'

How can I include my local jar files? Because not including them gives me the following error, when trying to use the filter in a config file:

  The error reported is: Couldn't find any filter plugin named 'mygem'. 
  Are you sure this i s correct? Trying to load the mygem filter 
  plugin resulted in this e rror: no such file to load -- thejarfilename

Is this an issue with Logstash? Or should I just include the jar files in a specific way in the gemspec file?

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