Local install only copies rb file to local_gems

I followed "How to write a Logstash input plugin".
When installed locally, only rb file is copied to local_gems/..../logstash-input-something/lib/logstash/something.rb

I had to copy manually all other files and folders. Then my custom input plugin works.

What do I do to make local install does copy all files and folders to local_gems?


That sounds rather like the gem wasn't built properly. Can you provide more details of how you built and installed your gem?

I couldn't remember how gem was installed.
So, I did the followings.

  1. I checked the version and it was 2.2.2
  2. I updated by running - gem update --system on my mac.
  3. Version is now 2.4.8
  4. I created a brand new log stash filter. This time, it only copied README.md to local_gems/.../....


I'm sorry for not being clear. When I said, "how you built and installed your gem," I meant your logstash filter. How did you build and install that?

i'm sorry - I'm new to Ruby land..
Basically, I cloned logstash-filter-example and then "gem build log stash-filter-something.gemspec", then "./bin/install /.../logstash-filter-something/logstash-filter-something-0.1.0.gem"

I seee installation successful message but not all content is copied over to local_gems directory.

This looks like the issue I had (see link bellow)
I didn't try to copy the ruby files manually though.

I still don't know how to fix it.