Installing my own Plugin - HELP! :-)

I'm using Logstash version 2.4.1 and am trying to create and install my own plugin. Back in Logstash version 1.5.4, I created a gem file and then used the plugin installer and it would appear in the list of plugins. Now, on version 2.4.1, I'm not seeing it in the plugin list after I install...
After adjusting the source, I built the gem file using 'gem build xxxx.gemspec' and then installed it using

:/opt/logstash/bin$ sudo ./logstash-plugin install --local ~/workspace/plugins/logstash-output-my_plugin-2.0.0.gem
Validating /home/danc/workspace/plugins/logstash-output-my_plugin-2.0.0.gem
Installing logstash-output-my_plugin
Installation successful

When I run the logstash-plugin list command, its not there.
However, when I look at /opt/logstash/vendor directory, I see a directory called local_gems. Under local_gems, I see an 8 hex character directory and under that I see my plugin ...

Can someone help me out and let me know where I went wrong???

Please close this out, I figured out my issue

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