Inclusion of ingest timestamp in elasticsearch index

I have come across ,including ingest timestamp value of a record to an ES index,but not clear on that.Can anyone help me out on adding the ingest timestamp to the index.


If you need to add the current date to a document at index time, you have 2 choices:

  • Do that on your side. Just add the date in the document before sending it to elasticsearch
  • Use an ingest node script processor to compute that date on elasticsearch side. Note that this one will be slower than doing that on your side.
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Thanks David,

In case of option 1 ,I need to generate a field having present timestamp and index it right,but won't there be any difference between the original and indexed time (incase of any latency in indexing).

Yeah. The network latency will add some delay I guess.

Thanks again!!! ,the ingest node processor worked out well for me.

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