_ingest.timestamp does not match my local time

I am currently in GMT+8 time zone,

I have created this pipeline so that when indexing new document, the new document is created with a timestamp

PUT _ingest/pipeline/add-current-time
  "processors": [
      "set": {
        "field": "@timestamp",
        "value": "{{{_ingest.timestamp}}}"

But the @timestamp field does not match to my local time

hits": [
        "_score": 1,
        "_source": {
          "Error_message": "KEY Incorrect",
          "@timestamp": "2023-11-07T06:23:18.069057819Z",

All timestamps in Elasticsearch are by requirement in the UTC timezone.

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist ,

Thanks for the reply.

Does that mean the timestamp is always to be UTC+0, if I want the date-time field to be UTC+8, I have to manully index by my self?

You can specify the time zone as part of the string if you set it yourself (instead of the Z that indicates UTC), but it will be converted and stored as UTC internally anyway. The _ingest.timestamp field is as far as I know always in UTC. If you want it to be anything else I believe you will need to change it after it has been assigned to your field.

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